Why Prioritise Learn To Swim

With sign up for winter sports currently underway, I wanted to remind parents of all the benefits of Learn To Swim, and why it is important to swim all year round alongside any other sport and activities in our busy family schedules! Learning to swim is an activity that offers numerous benefits for children beyond simply staying safe in water. From physical health to mental well-being, swimming provides a holistic approach to a child’s development in a way that no other sport or activity can match.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that engages the entire body, improving cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles, and enhancing flexibility. Swimming is low-impact, making it suitable for children of all ages and fitness levels, and regular swimming sessions can help combat childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

The most obvious benefit of learning to swim is water safety. Drowning remains a leading cause of accidental death in children of all ages, and teaching kids how to swim reduces the risk significantly. Knowing how to float, tread water, and perform basic strokes can save lives in emergency situations. Moreover, understanding water safety rules instills confidence and promotes responsible behaviour around water.

Learning to swim empowers children and boosts their self-confidence. Overcoming the initial fear of water and mastering new skills gives them a sense of achievement. As children progress in their swimming abilities, they gain confidence not only in the pool but also in other areas of their lives. This newfound confidence can translate into improved social interactions, academic performance, and overall well-being! Learn to Swim lessons are often a child’s very first structured activity.

Swimming has therapeutic effects on children’s emotional well-being. The soothing nature of water calms their minds and reduces stress and anxiety. Swimming releases endorphins and
also provides an outlet for pent-up energy and emotions, helping children manage their emotions more effectively. Plus, swimming lessons provide opportunities for children to socialise and make new friends!

Swimming is a life skill that opens up a world of opportunities for children. It enables them to participate in water-based activities such as snorkelling, surfing, and kayaking. Strong swimming skills can lead to future endeavours such as lifeguarding, competitive swimming, or even careers in aquatic sports – we have lots of junior employees whose first job is with us!

By introducing children to swimming at an early age and allowing children to consistently swim all year round, parents provide their children with a foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life both in and out of the water. On the flip side, a break from lessons often leads to skill regression, undoing some of the progress made prior to time out of the water.

See you soon at the pool!