How long does it take for a child to Learn To Swim?

Last week we raised the question ‘How long will it take for my child to Learn To Swim?” Unfortunately, it is not a question we can answer simply, as every child is different, and learning to swim is a long term, ongoing process.
Consistency is the key to the development and maintenance of swimming skills, so attending lessons should become an established part of your child’s weekly routine throughout their infant, preschool and early school years. Regular lessons all year round allow your child to practise the swimming skills appropriate to their developmental stage and learn at their own pace.
Not seeing much progress this month? As with any skill, it is normal for the child to go through periods of plateau, regression and developmental leaps throughout the process of learning to swim, but over time constant progress is being made.
We usually say (as general guide) that your child has become a capable swimmer when they are able to swim 400 metres with good technique, without stopping, and without becoming exhausted. This level of skill may take children individual amounts of time to reach, but it establishes a strong swimming foundation. These swimming skills should then be retained in children over 7 years of age, whereas younger children need consistent reinforcement to maintain their competency.
It is important to remember that swimming is not just another option on the list of sports and activities available to children – it is an invaluable lifelong skill that may just save their lives.