Aqua Gentle

  • A gentle aquarobics class
  • Perfect for seniors or people recovering from surgery
  • Great for people beginning an exercise program, or returning after some time out
  • Exercise at your own pace with great music and a friendly atmosphere
  • 60 minutes class duration
  • Maximum 40 participants

This is a gentle Aquarobics class, for seniors, people recovering from surgery, as an exercise recovery session, for people with joint or mobility issues, or for people getting back into exercise after a break or into exercise for the first time. Also beneficial pre and postnatally. This class is a good alternative to the now discontinued Heartmoves branded classes.


Please check the TIMETABLE BELOW for a time and class that suits you, then come along and join the fun!
All classes are 1 hr in duration.

DayStart TimeClass Type & Instructor
Monday amNA
Monday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Brooke

Aqua Gentle/

Aqua Fit / Kylie
Tuesday am 9.30Aqua Deep / Brooke
Tuesday pm6.45
7.45 (FROM 29/1/19)
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Wednesday am NA
Wednesday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Karen

Aqua Pre & Post Natal / Karen

Aqua Fit / Karen
Thursday amNA
Thursday pm6.45 Aqua Fit / Kimberley
Friday amNA
Friday pm12.15

Aqua Fit / Julie

Aqua Gentle / Julie
Saturday am9.30 Aqua Deep / Brooke
Saturday pmNA
Sunday amNA
Sunday pmNA

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