Aqua Fit

  • A fun and challenging aquatic workout for all ages and fitness levels
  • Uses a range of equipment including noodles and aqua dumbells
  • One of the highest fat burning forms of exercise available
  • Non weight bearing, supporting up to 85% of your body weight, providing a low risk of injury
  • Workout set to music
  • Provides water resistance to work all muscle groups – water is 15 times more resistant than air!
  • 60 minutes class duration
  • Maximum 40 participants

Aqua Fit is a varied Aquarobics class which may include Aquarobics, Circuit, Boxing, High Intensity Interval
Training, Tabata, Resistance Exercises, etc. All classes contain various levels of intensity so that all participants are challenged.


Please check the TIMETABLE BELOW for a time and class that suits you, then come along and join the fun!
All classes are 1 hr in duration.

DayStart TimeClass Type & Instructor
Monday amNA
Monday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Brooke

Aqua Gentle/

Aqua Fit / Kylie
Tuesday am 9.30Aqua Deep / Brooke
Tuesday pm12.30
Aqua Fun 4 Kids / Julie (school holidays only)
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Wednesday am NA
Wednesday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Karen

Aqua Pre & Post Natal / Tania

Aqua Fit / Tania
Thursday amNA
Thursday pm6.45 Aqua Fit / Kimberley
Friday amNA
Friday pm12.30 *from Aug, 2019

1.30 *from Aug, 2019
Aqua Fit / Julie

Aqua Gentle / Julie
Saturday am9.30 Aqua Deep / Brooke
Saturday pmNA
Sunday amNA
Sunday pmNA

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16-19 Lambridge Pl, Penrith