Working out in the water

We all know about the benefits of Aquatic exercise, but what are the best options to work out in the pool or at the beach?
Lap swimming is the ultimate all-in-one fitness package, working most muscles in the body with every stroke, increasing flexibility and muscle endurance. Water creates more resistance against the body than air does in land based exercise, so the muscles are strengthened and toned. Lap swimming also significantly improves core strength which is important to overall health and stability in everyday life. Swimming provides huge improvements to the cardiovascular system, as the nature of breathing whilst swimming promotes greater lung capacity. Working out in the water is also great for post exercise recovery sessions (as the Penrith Panthers regularly hold at NAC after games).
Joining a local swim club is a great way to swim for fitness whilst socialising with other fans of swimming. There are also weekly classes available for children and teenagers who like to swim for fitness, without the training schedule and competitive aspect that comes with squad swimming.
Aquarobics has an image problem, often being seen just as an activity for retirees, the injured or the unfit. In reality, Aquarobics is an exercise option which can be highly challenging and effective, and now attracts a mixed audience of participants across ages and genders. Aquarobics class options have grown to include Aqua Circuit including high intensity interval training, Aquanatal for Pregnant women, Heartmoves for lower intensity, Aqua Zumba, and Deep Water Aquarobics using buoyancy belts. As for the beach, waves provide both turbulence and resistance, constantly challenging the whole body to remain upright or swim through the water. And anyone who has run on soft sand will know the challenge this presents – not many of us make it look as effortless as they do on Baywatch! Whichever option you choose, please observe basic swim safety and enjoy your water workouts!

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