Terry’s Corner

This month I want to bring you up to date with the various initiatives we have recently introduced to better serve you and get the Swim Safer message out to the community! Nepean Aquatic & Eva Bory swim school’s staff & management all have the same goals, as stated in the company’s motto – Love to Swim, Swim for Safety, Swim for Life! Love to Swim – we want all people to love swimming and water related activities. If you are comfortable around water and the fear is removed then this becomes possible. So the first step is getting in the water. As a customer of our learn to swim program you can appreciate that this can sometimes be accompanied by a bit of distress (for you and your child) until they get accustomed to the lessons. After this the children thrive their lessons and can look forward to a life of water activities (pool parties, Wet’n’Wild, swimming, etc.). We wanted to get this love to swim message out to a greater section of the community and be able to meet everyone’s needs. The following have been introduced or modified to achieve this. Adult Group Lessons: there are so many adults out there that are either scared of the water and/or non- swimmers. Our adult private lessons simply couldn’t accommodate the number of people requesting lessons, so we introduced 1 group lesson. This was such a success that last term this increased to 5 group lessons (50 adults learning to swim!) These lessons are for beginners and also returning swimmers seeking to improve their stroke and for exercise. We are very proud to see the program is reaching so many people. Achievers Program: after Sean and Judy decided to retired from running the program, we made it a priority to continue providing lessons to swimmers with a disability. We are now running the classes based on the previous successful program with a few improvements – the major one being that the classes are aimed at achieving the swimmer’s goals based on the input from the parent, instructor and swimmer. It has been a lot of work but it is very pleasing to see how smoothly the changeover went. A big thanks to the staff who are involved in this program. Other areas that we are currently working to improve: Waiting Times at Reception: during pay week it can be a struggle to get to your lessons on time. We made the decision to migrate everyone to Direct Debit in order to free up time at reception and to be able to give you a much better experience during pay week. When you get your new Payment Policy please read all the points, in particular about when the debit is taken and how to permanently cancel the direct debit. I hope this update on our company aims has been useful, I will be back next month with more on Swimming for Safety, Swimming for Life and other improvements across the company to further look after you, our customers! Please contact me at any time with questions or feedback – terry@nepeanswim.com.au.