Swimming is for everyone all year round!

Many children’s activities are seasonal, but swimming lessons are not one of them. I cannot stress enough the importance of learning to swim, and swimming all year round, from 6 months old, for life!

For children, weekly lessons are recommended from 6 months of age, and to accelerate their learning, also take advantage of the intensive swim programs offered in the school holidays. These lessons are great fun and great exercise, and a perfect chance to improve your child’s swimming skills in heated pools to keep your children confident and used to the aquatic environment if you have taken a break from lessons or need to catch up. We have an Intensive Lesson Special coming up in the April school holidays, see our website for details. Or take advantage of multiple lesson discounts during the cooler weather to really progress our child’s swimming skills – we are offering second and subsequent weekly lessons at a huge discount to make extra lessons and fast tracking of swimming skills more affordable, especially against the backdrop of cost of living of pressures.

Importantly, in addition to being a lifesaving skill, swimming provides additional fitness to give children a valuable edge in their chosen other sports or to maintain fitness in the off season, as well as a sense of achievement while advancing through swimming levels and skills. Swimming provides the confidence to spend long days in the water with family and friends in the summer months, and attend water based activities.

If you are an adult who is unable to swim, why not learn this winter and be ready for summer fun in the water? We offer group lessons for adults, which are more affordable than private lessons, and have proven very popular in recent months.

We can never protect our children 24/7, or ensure they are 100% safe around water – but we can do our very best to ensure they are able to swim and equip them with the water safety skills needed to have the best chance of being able to cope if put in a tricky aquatic situation. My best advice is to please persevere all year round, no excuses – swimming lessons are too valuable to give up on. As we say, Love to Swim, Swim for Safety, Swim for Life!

On another note…….we have been proud partners of the Penrith Panthers for many years, through the good times and the bad, and are very excited to be back in footy season. To celebrate, we are offering the chance to win a Penrith Panthers signed jersey – head to our socials to enter! https://www.facebook.com/NepeanAquaticCentreandEvaBorys/ on Facebook, or nac.and.eb on Instagram.