Swimming and Water Safety

It’s great to be back – and with a bang! The sun is shining (it’s felt like summer is here already over the past couple of weeks), and the mighty Panthers got their 3 -peat what more can we wish for………?

This Spring / Summer I am wishing for a community focus on water safety prevent any tragedies from occurring in our area this season. For that to happen I believe we can learn from our sporting heroes and take a leaf out of the Panthers playbook by focussing on consistency, persistence, determination and working together to achieve our goals!

Learning to swim is a marathon, not a sprint. Whatever your age or stage of development, attending your swimming lessons every week is the key to success, regardless of whatever else is happening in your world. Of course, we understand that sometimes life happens –which is why we have an extremely flexible make up lesson policy, with no limit on the amount of make-ups allowed per year – however coming to the same lesson every week, with the same instructor at the same centre will really set your child up for success, reinforcing the skills they are learning in a familiar environment. Consistency is key.

Persistence is equally important. I am sometimes asked “How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?” The answer is actually in the question and there is no one size fits all answer – your child is unique, and all children, indeed all people, learn at their own pace, with some skills taking longer than others to master and confidently execute. Please do not become frustrated or give up if a particular stroke is challenging to you or your child, because with persistence and determination, you will definitely get there (just as the Panthers did two weekends).

As a community, there are so many ways we can work together to achieve the goal of water safety. Please check your fences and gates, always supervise your children when swimming or near any body of water and encourage other adults to do the same. Take advantage of our free community water safety roadshow and encourage your child’s school or daycare centre to reach out to us to book a visit.

Book your children in for a discounted second weekly lesson, for our school holiday intensive lessons, or for our school holiday Paddles Super Swim Camp, where children learn all about water safety and lifeguarding skills. Can’t swim yourself and would not be able to help your child if in trouble – come and learn to swim in our adult classes, it’s never too late.

Looking for work? Apply to train with us as a Swimming Teacher https://nepeanaquaticcentre.com.au/contact/careers-join-our-team/
They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I believe it takes a community to keep children safer around water. Swim skills save lives. What are you going to do this Spring / Summer to contribute to this cause? See you next week.