Swim all year round

What is muscle memory, and how does it relate to learning to swim? Simply put, muscle memory is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through consistent repetition. Which is why your child’s swimming progression will be hugely influenced by the consistency and frequency with which they attend lessons and the amount of time they spend practicing swimming outside of lesson time.
Learning to swim is like learning any other skill – the more they practice and explore the water, the quicker the child will progress with their skills. The opposite is also true – any break from lessons will lead to regression and loss of skills already mastered, as children do not retain skills without practise. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your child’s swimming lessons over summer – don’t diminish the value of that investment and undermine the steps toward increased water safety that learning to swim provides by pausing lessons over winter.
A child’s brain is constantly culling connections that are not used to make room for new ones. If your child is not practicing the movements used during swimming lessons the connections formed are broken. If you have seen this happen with your child, especially over the enforced break during Covid, the best way to help your child regain swimming skills & confidence is to increase their time in the water – repetitive movement will recreate the connections faster.
Many of our students now attend classes twice a week to make up for time lost in the water during the pandemic. Why not take advantage of multiple lesson discounts during the cooler weather to really accelerate your child’s swimming skills – we offer second and subsequent weekly lessons for just $10 to make extra lessons, and fast tracking of swimming skills, more affordable.
Take advantage of the intensive swim programs offered in the school holidays in our heated pools to keep your children confident and used to the aquatic environment – these lessons are great fun and great exercise, and a perfect chance to improve skills. We have Intensive Lessons coming up in this Easter holidays – 5 lessons for $50 from Monday 12th to Friday 16th April.
Whichever approach suits your family, please continue your child’s swimming lessons all year round and until the child is totally competent in the water, having achieved all of their age related milestones. The risks associated with drowning do not go away during the cooler months, so swimming lessons must be an all year round activity. By swimming throughout the cooler month’s children remain confident and avoid regression, ready for the warmer weather to roll around again. Remember, our pools are indoor and heated, so weather is not a consideration, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of rugging up in a fluffy robe and going home to a warm bath and a mug of hot chocolate after winter swimming lessons at Eva Bory Swim School – it’s sometimes the simplest things in life that make us the happiest!