Supervise Bath Time

Just because you don’t have a backyard pool doesn’t mean your child is safe from drowning in the home environment. Bath time poses a great risk for babies and toddlers. According to Royal Life Saving, on average 5 children under the age of five drown and 47 are hospitalised due to drowning incidents in Australia each year. The Royal Life Saving statistics reveal that 1 in 4 hospitalisations result in lifelong disabilities. Bath time can be a special bonding time between parent and child, but many children are being left in the bath alone. Please follow these rules when bathing your baby or child.

Never leave children unsupervised in the bath
Give your child your full attention
Talk, sing and smile as you bath your baby
Ensure you have the bath wash, towel and clothing organised before you fill the bath
If you must leave the bathroom take your child with you
Never leave older siblings to supervise
Pull the plug immediately after use
Ensure there are no objects covering the plug that may prevent the water from draining