STARFISH is the third level of the water babies.

  • Age guide – 18 to 30 month
  • Children in this level swim with a responsible person
  • Maximum of 7 students in a class weekdays
  • Maximum of 12 students in a class on weekends (at Nepean Aquatic Centre only) – 2 teachers
  • 30 minute lesson

In this class the children are learning to:

  • Sit and wait their turn
  • Jump in and turn around
  • Dogpaddle with a noodle
  • Kick on their back with a noodle
  • Swim underwater
  • 2m Dog Paddle
  • 2m Back Float
  • Other skills for the Squids level

Putting your babies into swimming lessons encourages a love for the water. Our Starfish program enables our babies to gain new skills before advancing to the next level. In addition our program rotates through a 4 week program giving variety and maintaining the children’s interest at the same time as practising the skills that we want them to achieve. Teaching your child to swim from a young age is giving them an important gift for life!

Don’t just believe us, Lawrie Lawrence is a major advocate to promoting the importance babies confidence in water and the health benefits for infants:

Classes are run 7 days a week at both Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s Swim School.

For existing customers, simply refer to our app for class availability using the ‘Booking – Find A Class’ app function.

Thinking of enrolling? Just give us a call on 4730 8900, or 4728 8400 (please leave a voicemail if not answered and we will call you back rather than you having to spend time on hold), or send us an enrolment enquiry at, or complete the Booking Enquiry Form below.

Alternatively, download our app and use organization code “nepeanswim” to create an account and have all lessons times, information and availabilities at your fingertips!

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See you soon – Love To Swim, Swim for Safety, Swim for Life!




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