Sophie Cammuso Swim Story

I just wanted to share a good news story with you. My 4 year old granddaughter, Sophie Cammuso, has been attending Eva Bory’s Swim School for only a short time but she has learnt enough to save herself from drowning.
Sophie had her first lesson at Eva Bory’s Swim School on 16 March 2018. Sophie was not quite 4 when she started lessons. We chose Eva Bory’s Swim School as both Sophie’s Dad and her aunt learned to swim at Eva Bory’s when they were Sophie’s age. That was a long time ago as they are now 38 and 40 respectively!
Sophie has always been very reluctant to get into water. It took her a long time to put even her face into the water or even blow bubbles. Now you can’t keep her out of the water! Thanks to her teacher Julie’s gentle and playful manner she has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and looks forward to her Friday lessons.
However, she had to have major hip surgery on 14 May and was in plaster from her armpits to ankles for 6 weeks. As soon as she was able to walk again she was asking if she could go back to swimming. Her swimming has definitely helped in getting movement back into her hips and legs.
Two weeks ago Sophie’s Dad was cleaning the pool and Sophie wanted to come in the enclosed pool area and throw the ball into the water. She threw it a couple of times and the jets from the pool outlet pushed the ball back to her. Then she said “Daddy, watch how big I can throw” and lost her balance, falling forward straight into the deep end. She went down to the bottom and then back up treading water screaming “Daddy, I lost my thong”. (She was more worried about losing her thong than being in the water!) Most importantly, after Sophie fell into the pool she made it to the side. Dad didn’t have to jump in as he was able to reach in and lift her out. Sophie says she could make it to the side if she falls in again, but you can never be complacent. We will continue to take Sophie to swimming lessons for as long as it takes to give her a good grounding in swimming.
Had Sophie not had those lessons with Julie we could have had a very different outcome. We will be forever grateful.
We highly recommend Eva Bory’s Swim School to everyone we come across because when I take Sophie for her lessons you can see how keen the children are to learn and how the teachers know just how to react to each child’s individual needs.
Baiba Cammuso
(Sophie’s Nanna)