Social Distancing

At Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s Swim School we take the safety of our customers very seriously. We urge you to thoroughly read the information below, which we hope answers all of your questions and concerns in regards to COVID-19. There is a lot of information, as we feel it is important to properly address all issues, and we will be highlighting certain elements of our policies and frequently asked questions in coming days to reinforce these messages.
Today, let’s talk about social distancing.
To clarify – the rules announced 20/3/20 state 4sq mtrs to be available per person in any given space, and that 1.5mtrs between people is to be practised where practical. We have calculated the amount of people allowed in our venues and confirm that these numbers will not be exceeded, even during our busiest sessions. This is despite the fact that, as swimming lessons are deemed essential, the 4sq mtrs does not apply to us (that rule is for non-essential gatherings). In addition, our national industry organisations have been in touch with the Health Department to double check the social distancing rules as they apply to swimming lessons, and we have been advised that during lessons we just have to apply the distance that is practical and safe under the circumstances, and that we should carry on with swimming lessons as usual.
For peace of mind for all customers, we strongly suggest that only 1 parent per child attend swimming lessons to help minimise numbers, especially during our busier times, and will be reminding customers of this in the coming days. We would very much appreciate your co-operation with this request.
Let’s all work together to maintain some normality in this challenging period. We will continue to follow government advice as it evolves.