Roadmap to reopening

Exciting news today with plans announced for the reopening of some parts of regional NSW, and a path to reopening locally soon.
We look forward to our reopening date to be confirmed by the NSW Government as we move closer to their 70% double vaccination target (for ages 16 and over as per the Doherty report recommendations). The Government has said businesses can expect to re-open on the Monday following the day that NSW reaches a double dose vaccination rate of 70%. As a guide, this could be as early as Monday 18th October but please be patient as we await details on exactly when this will be and what this reopening will look like for us, and any ongoing restrictions that may be in place as determined by NSW Health.
As you can appreciate there is a lot of detail to work through to make our transition back to operation as smooth as possible. We will provide more information and updates as soon as we are able. Please stay up to date via our website, social media and on our mobile app, and we look forward to having you all back very soon.

Roadmap HERE (9.9.21)