Powell Family Swim Story

Bowen started lessons when he was 2 years old, but the next 4 years were not to be easy. Bowen never liked the water – he was scared to jump in or even put his face near the water – and each and every week he would scream and cry and hated going to swimming lessons. As every parent knows, this is emotionally exhausting, and it is easy to begin to wonder if it is really worth it?
We have a pool in our backyard, and when Bowen was 2 ½ we had an incident. Even though I was right there within the pool gates I turned my back for a moment, which was long enough for him to enter the water and go under, very silently. I turned and saw him, and Bowen came up coughing but was fine……but I was a nervous wreck, thinking of what might have happened. I vowed then that I would continue lessons no matter how stressful they were, despite the fact that the incident really frightened him and set him back in lessons again.
So we continued on, and the crying continued over the next 3 ½ years. It seemed forever.
Then last year, just after he had turned six, we found Hayden at Eva Bory’s something clicked! Up until then all the teachers had been fantastic, but they just hadn’t been able to crack Bowen! Hayden had a special way with him and finally got him to put his face in the water (after 4 years!!!). He then started jumping in, then diving under water!! It was unbelievable! Miraculous!
To then watch him finally really learning how to swim and develop his strokes just filled me with so much pride and joy. We even had a family holiday last November and he snorkelled! That’s pretty impressive for a little boy who wasn’t able to put his face in the water until he was 6 years old!
So now, after all these years, swimming lessons are a real joy for us. Finally, after a lot of perseverance and heartache, Bowen has come to really enjoy swimming……. I never thought I would say that! Thank you to Eva Bory’s and their fab teachers, and to Karen along the way for all the support and advice along the way!

Vanessa Powell, Bowens Mum