Our Swim Family Swim Story

When a business has been operating for over 30 years in the local area, the multiple connections between our generations of employees and customers become almost impossible to trace, as a wonderful web of friendships, family and personal relationships have been forged over the years. Instructors who started with us many years ago now have children, and even grandchildren learning to swim and working with us, children who came through our Learn To Swim program are now our lifeguards, aqua instructors, receptionists managers, and more. We gathered some stories and recollections from our staff to remind us of where we started, how we’ve grown and where we are going. Nothing has really changed over the years – teaching children to swim and to be safer around the water remains at the very heart of what we do. The year that was 2020 reminded us of what is most important – people. Family is everything, and we consider every one of our employees and customers to be a part of our extended community family. Merry Christmas, from our swim family to yours, and here’s to a better 2021.
Here are just a few of our many staff swim stories:
Karen and Alan Bentley have a strong personal history with Eva Bory Swim School, with Karen learning to swim at the facility as a child in the 70’s, and Alan swimming in squads there from 1980 to the mid 90’s. Karen became a swimming instructor at Eva Bory’s in 1986, with the Bentleys managing Eva Bory’s Swim School from 1992 -1994, then again from March 2002 to the present day. Karen and Alan married in 1992 and have 2 children Kayla and Lucas who both swim competitively and work in the business.
Julie Hall “My story began approximately 30 years ago when I joined what was called mother and baby classes at Eva Borys with my first child. I met 2 other ladies and their daughters, and we are still friends today. After my 2nd child was born she also started swimming in the babies groups then the same with my third child and the 4th & 5th children, although this was a little more difficult as they are twins, but nonetheless it was very important to both my husband and myself that each child learnt to swim . My girls continued to swim with a variety of teachers over the years all the way through to squads – we even attended club nights at Eva Borys during winter. As a family we have met and still keep in contact with many people met during our years of swimming at Eva Borys and Nepean Aquatic Centre. Now I teach children to swim as do 3 of my daughters. I absolutely love my job, the kids for me are a joy to be around”.
Tracey Gates “I started working at Eva Bory’s in 1990 as a learn to swim instructor mornings and afternoons on reception. I have met so many children through my years of teaching and even see some of the kids from the 90s bringing their babies in for lessons now. I love teaching and seeing the smiles on all the faces when they achieve goals and we face their fears together .I’ve also made many lifelong friends here at the pool and feel very lucky to enjoy what I do”.
Rachel Cole said “my family has been with the centre for more than 20 years starting back at where World Gym now is. We all began swimming there then moved to Eva Bory’s, myself along with my 3 siblings, until the new pool was built, now Nepean Aquatic Centre. I only stopped swimming at the pool last year which I was doing swim for fitness. I had many swim teachers, most memorably Megan and Robyn. I still have some of the swim certificates signed by my swim instructors. I started working here at the beginning of 2019 as a Learn To Swim instructor and now I teach groups levels as well and help out with Kids Swim for Fitness whenever I’m needed”.

Kayla Bentley “I first learnt to swim in 2000 at Fitness World Swimming when I was 6 months old. I had both Yasmin and Tracey as my teachers, who are both still working for us. I completed Sharks in 2007 and started in Squads, and I am still a member of Squads today. I began working at Nepean Aquatic Centre/EB’s as a Lifeguard at Birthday parties in 2014. In 2017, I became a full lifeguard, and in 2018 conducted training on Reception. I still work as both a Lifeguard and Receptionist, mainly on the weekends”.
Julie Sheldrake “I learnt to swim at EB’s in 1979, then brought my first son, Harrison, to Eva Bory’s in 2009, his teacher was Gillian. My daughter Edie started in 2011 and has learnt with many teachers across Eva Bory’s and Nepean Aquatic Centre, as has my third child, Rafferty, who started in 2014 and has also had lots of teachers across both centres, including Gillian’s daughter Jenni! I started working at NAC as an Aqua Instructor in 2011, and as Nepean Swim Marketing Manager in 2014. My children want to be lifeguards when they are older and can’t wait to join the team”.
Sharwanna Heaton “My swim story started with my brother’s friend Cam who was a Learn To Swim instructor and I spoke to him about how and where I could train to do this too. I then followed by finding an instructor course and completing it. I completed my training hours at Nepean Aquatic Centre to finish my course and had the opportunity to stay with them to continue my instructor career in 2016. I took my first LTS classes at Eva Bory’s on Saturdays then later joining at Nepean Aquatic Centre for classes there on Sunday’s. Within 2017 I just had classes at NAC and explored working with mainstream students as well as achievers. In 2018 I become a parent and become a fill in instructor. In 2019 my son attended water babies’ classes with instructor Joanne then attended learn to swim with Emma. I have just had my daughter 2020 and hoping for her to join and enjoy learning to swim with them too. I hope to continue to assist my community of children to learn to swim into the future”.
Emily Chairello “I started to learn to swim back in 2005 with Fiona In squids I worked my way all the way up to sharks through many other amazing instructors. I didn’t have much more to do with NAC and EB until March 2019 when I applied for a swimming instructor position. It was a long shot and didn’t really know if I would get a call back or not, but in May 2019 Robyn called me and gave me the good news and I promptly started my training with Sandra who was the most amazing mentor! Once I finished training I gained my own classes and met some amazing kids with big hearts who amaze me every single week with their effort and dedication to learn to swim.
Jen Joliffe learnt to swim at Eva Borys in the 1980’s, and went on to instruct both Learn To Swim and Kids Swim for Fitness. Jen’s three boys, Dylan, Harrison and Finlay are all currently in Learn To Swim lessons.
Joanne Dean “I started working at Eva Bory back in 1990 while doing a childcare course at TAFE. I then came back after about 30 years of teaching in child care and have been teaching swimming for 3 years now, loving working with children and teaching them water safety”.
Hayden Smith met his (now) wife Casey while they were both Learn To Swim instructors at Eva Borys and NAC! Casey is also an Aquarobics instructor, and many will remember her energetic classes!
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Merry Christmas, from our swim family to yours!