Our policy with Active Kids Vouchers

To clarify our policy with regards to Active Kids Vouchers, in line with government guidelines, Active Kids Vouchers can only be used for a program which runs for a minimum of 8 weeks. As an Active Kids Provider, we don’t have a choice but to follow the rules, or risk losing our status as a provider.

Eligible activities are those that are:
1. a minimum 8 weeks if delivered during the school term
2. a minimum 5 sessions or a minimum of 4 hours, if delivered during school holidays, and
3. as part of a structured program involving regular moderate to intense levels of physical activity.
The exception is that a voucher can be used for the school holiday program without any permanent booking, as per point 2 above.

Further information: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids

Each voucher must be used towards a minimum of 8 weeks of lessons. As such, and in line with our Payment Policy, all customer Direct Debit details are taken upon booking.
Our program is perpetual, so in line with our Terms and Conditions you must let us know your end date or you will be assumed to be continuing with your permanent booking & fees will be deducted. Terms and Conditions: https://nepeanaquaticcentre.com.au/about/conditions-of-entry/