One size does not fit all when it comes to learning to swim

Everyone learns differently, so when looking at the best approach to learning to swim, all contributing factors should be considered. Most students do very well with the most popular learn to swim approach of a half hour group lesson once a week, with consistency being the key to success. However, as families all have differing circumstances, other approaches to learning to swim are sometimes necessary.
Multiple lessons per week are a great way to fast track your child’s swimming skills, or make up for any time missed in the water. The time a child actually spends in the water each week directly impacts on the time it will take for the child to learn to swim, with more frequent repetition of skills often achieving results more quickly, plus multiple lessons per week are great for increasing and maintaining fitness! There are also advantages out of the pool – a study from Griffith University found that children who swim demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children – so it stands to reason the more time spent swimming, the more benefit children will experience towards learning outcomes both in and out of the pool. Multiple lessons can provide a more flexible approach to swimming lessons, especially appealing to some families at different times of the year – in winter to maintain fitness if the child plays a summer sport, before going away on a holiday, before school carnivals, after a break from lessons to catch up, etc. Plus, multiple lessons can also be a more affordable way to increase your child’s swimming skills. At Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s Swim Schools we offer second weekly lessons for just $10 each, bringing each lesson down to under $15 each. Further sibling discounts apply so multiple lessons can be a great way for a family to participate in swimming lessons for all children at a reduced cost. Whilst most children thrive in a group environment, some children do better in a one on one learning scenario, however private lessons can be expensive. To address this we have this month introduced a 5 week block of Private Lessons at Eva Bory’s Swim School at a discounted price per lesson, available for all levels of student’s abilities, from absolute beginners to stroke improvement and correction. For some parents, being time poor can be a barrier to bringing children to lessons, with weekends being reserved for rest and leisure after a long week at work and daycare. We have recently addressed this issue through a partnership with Little Zak’s Academy, Jordan Springs, in an initiative which sees childcare staff transporting children in their care to Nepean Aquatic Centre for swimming lessons during daycare hours, leaving parents with one less thing to fit into their weekends! We also offer Kids Swim for Fitness as a structured swimming alternative for children who have graduated from our learn to swim program but wish to maintain their water and general fitness, competitive swim squads, and our NAC Swim Club provides an environment for competitive swimmers, where athletes of any age and varying
abilities can meet in a social atmosphere to participate in the sport of swimming. For adults who didn’t have the chance to learn earlier in life, we also offer adult group lessons! No matter what your circumstances, there is a way to learn to swim with us to stay safer around the water. Until next week, just keep swimming, and if you would like details on any of the swimming initiatives mentioned, just email me – / and on