We now take Active Kids Rebate Vouchers!

Thanks to the NSW government’s active kids initiative, over 250 children have been able to build on their swimming skills over winter at NAC & EB. If you have a school aged child and you haven’t redeemed your $100 Active kids voucher, you may like to consider using it for swimming lessons. Not only will learning to swim keep your child active but it is giving them an essential skill which might just save their life. Details on how to apply for the voucher can be found at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher. Classes can be quieter over winter so now is a great time to start. Swimming in winter is so important as discontinuation of lessons typically results in a decline in a child’s water independence, technique and stamina within a period of several weeks or even less. Children under 5 are just beginning to develop muscle memory, and need constant reinforcement to retain skills previously learnt, so a break in lessons often results in a loss of skills, and a waste of all the time and money spent on lessons previously. And with the winter solstice on Thursday 21 June, we are over the worst of winter and it will be summer before we know it! In the meantime, your children can learn to swim with us in comfort, at a time convenient to you. Our centres are purpose built and have the best air and water quality available (we have Neptune Benson Ultra Fine Filters installed which allows us to filter down to 1 micron, and our water is sanitised using a combination of chlorine and UV disinfection), are air conditioned, with a separate temperature controlled viewing room at Nepean Aquatic Centre, plenty of hot showers, have plenty of parking including undercover parking. No matter the ages of your children, with a little planning, you can usually arrange your children’s lessons all on the same day, at the same time, as we run lessons 7 days a week, at 2 locations. Come swim with us!