It’s No Drown Town week!

It’s No Drown Town week! A water safety initiative from the Australian Swim Schools Association – November 27 to December 3, 2017.
Nationally, ASSA member swim schools and their swimming families – including NAC and Eva Bory’s – will actively participate in educational aquatic activities, as well as learn and live ASSA’S SAFER ‘Layers of Protection’ philosophy:
Swimming Skills – Adult Supervision – Fences & Gates – Emergency Plan – Reduce the Risk … for SAFER swimming.
“The No-Drown-Town week encourages SAFER swimming, SAFER decisions, SAFER communities, and SAFER Australians,” ASSA CEO Ross Gage, said. ASSA says, the week-long water safety initiative, is a reminder to take care of those closest to you – especially in and around water – and is reflected in the No–Drown-Town mandate, which is:
1. If you Act Personally, 2. You’ll Influence Locally, and 3. Affect Nationally.
Royal Lifesaving’s recently released National Drowning Report revealed that 291 people died from drowning in Australia ways in the year 2016-17. 29 drowning fatalities were under fives, making drowning the number one cause of accidental death in that age group in Australia. For every death, many more are left with some form of permanent brain damage.
ASSA No Drown Town Advocate, Libby Trickett, stressed that, “when near water, keep under fives and non-swimmers within arm’s reach; and if your child is missing – check areas of water first”.
Make sure you visit our No Drown Town stand this week!