Next week is Swim Safer week!

Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Borys Swim School are both registered Swim Australia Swim Schools. We participate annually in Swim Australia’s Swim Safer week – 20 – 26th November this year. Visit us in centre for lots of fun, information on safety, safety participation certificates, CPR practice, prizes, and a visit from Paddles the Platypus at Eva Borys on November 25, and at Nepean Aquatic Centre the next week, 2nd December from 8.45 – 11.45!
Swim Safety is a major focus of Swim Australia. Swim Australia’s consistent message is that no measure can ever guarantee that children are safe in, on and around water. It is only human for adults to sometimes lapse in their supervision of children in the home or while out and about.
Children can and do find ways over fences, and even those who have had swimming lessons can still drown. For this reason the Swim Safer message promotes and recommends the application of various layers to protect children from drowning – if one layer ‘fails’ then there is another behind it that may save their life.
Come and visit our Swim Safety stand when you come in for your lesson next week!