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Why Prioritise Learn To Swim

With sign up for winter sports currently underway, I wanted to remind parents of all the benefits of Learn To Swim, and why it is important to swim all year round alongside any other sport and activities in our busy family schedules! Learning to swim is an activity that offers numerous benefits for children beyond […]

Swim Skills are Declining

It’s difficult to quantify the statistical significance of how effective swimming lessons can be, however research out of the US suggests that formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning for children aged one to four by 88%. This is significant, especially considering that drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death in this […]

Back to School

Schools are back for 2024, and parents everywhere are heaving a sigh of relief, or missing the summer holidays, or a strange mix of both! Time to get back into the routine of school and after school activities. Here’s a fun fact, and yet another reason to prioritise children’s swimming lessons – did you know […]

Adult Learn to Swim

I have just returned from the most amazing holiday ever, spent close to home, and mostly in the water. From swimming at our amazing beaches located up north, down south and our local Penrith beach, in waterholes in the Blue Mountains, riding waterslides at Raging Waters and splashing in the backyard pools of family and […]

Make your resolution to be safer, all year round

Happy New Year! How are your New Year’s Resolutions going…..? Maybe this year we could all commit to some Water Safety resolutions, and implementing them all year round? Supervise – Keep Watch! A lapse in adult supervision was the major risk factor in 100% of all toddler drowning deaths last year, and drowning remains the […]

We are open Australia Day

We are open Friday the 26th of January, Australia Day. All morning and afternoon lessons are scheduled as usual. Our Friday Aquarobic afternoon classes will still be available. Both centres will be closed with our regular schedule of 7pm.

Be safer rather than silly this festive season!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year – sun, surf, sand, swimming and school holidays! However, we simply cannot afford to become complacent – Royal Life Saving Australia research shows that Australians’ are twice more likely to drown on a public holiday than any other day of the year. Holiday makers are […]

Happy 2024

HAPPY 2024! We hope you have a fantastic new year! We look forward to welcoming your swim family back on Tuesday the 2nd of December. If you have questions or enquiries please send us an email to

Non-fatal drownings

There is a common misconception that all drownings result in a fatality, but did you know that for every drowning death there are many non fatal drowning incidents? A new range of new research on non-fatal drowning was unveiled at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Perth last week, and the findings were concerning. […]

Give the gift swimming for life!

This year has certainly been challenging in terms of the rise in cost of living, petrol and grocery prices and interest rate hikes, making the lead up to Christmas an anxious time for many households. All of these circumstances have me questioning if we really need all the extra purchases that usually accompany this time […]