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Why swim?

We are most concerned with learning to swim for safety, especially in a child’s younger years, but there are many other known benefits to swimming throughout life. 1. It’s kind to your joints and improves flexibility. The water supports the body so only a fraction of your weight has to be supported by your limbs. […]

November is all about safety!

In a good news story last month, 4 young boys aged between 11 and 13 saved a 4 year old boy from drowning at a Central Coast caravan park by recognising he was in trouble under the water, pulling him out and performing CPR until the ambulance arrived. The boys credit their knowledge of what […]

Xmas Trading and Gift Vouchers

Christmas has come around again quickly – so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas trading! We will be CLOSED from Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve), reopening Wednesday 2nd January 2019! EB’s is closed for the duration, NAC will be open for public swimming only on the 31/12, from 8am until 12noon. Want to “give […]

Children are still drowning

The last Saturday of October was gorgeous weather, warm enough for my children to swim for the first time this spring, and we had a great afternoon splashing about. It was the first time my 4 year old son had swum in our backyard pool without a flotation aid, as over the winter his swimming […]

We will be CLOSED this Sunday 4th November from 2.30pm at both NAC and EB’s

We will be CLOSED this Sunday 4th November from 2.30pm at both NAC and EB’s. We will reopen Monday as usual. Thanks for your understanding and have a great weekend!

Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence classes

Over the past few years, Learn to Swim for adults has typically been offered on a one to one basis. However, we got to thinking about how we could educate more adults each week, and have this year started to offer a specific group program of Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence classes. Why […]

Nutrition Station Open Water Swim

Are you up for the challenge of the 2018 Nutrition Station Open Water Swim at the Regatta Centre on Sat 27th Oct? Hosted by the Nepean Aquatic centre Swim Club, there is over $4500 in prize money up for grabs, with the introduction this year of a 1km event in addition to the 2.5km and […]

How long will it take for your child to learn to swim?

We are very lucky in this country, in that the importance of learning to swim as one of the main cornerstones to water safety is something we are generally fairly well educated about – we know that our children must learn to swim, as soon as possible. So, as we head into Spring we have […]

The many benefits of baby swim

Everyone seems to be attracted to the water as soon as the weather starts to heat up, including children without swimming skills. One of the best things a parent can do to keep their child safer around water is to make sure they start Learn to Swim classes as soon as possible. Summer is fast […]

Why do multiple lessons per week?

Hello swim schoolers! 1 of the most common questions that I get asked is “how many lessons per week should we do?” – a hard question to answer because there are so many variables . But it got me thinking about what would benefit our students the most, and who would benefit most from multiple […]