Why do multiple lessons per week?

Hello swim schoolers! 1 of the most common questions that I get asked is “how many lessons per week should we do?” – a hard question to answer because there are so many variables . But it got me thinking about what would benefit our students the most, and who would benefit most from multiple lessons? Once a student gets to an age where understanding of instructions and physical coordination are good, then they will benefit from multiple lessons, whereas, the younger students will get more from attending the regular weekly lesson to reinforce the swimming education.
Why would you want your child to do multiple lessons per week? The simple answer is the more time spent in the water means the faster they will learn the skills. Basically it’s real swimming time, and the more of this we can give a student, the better. Do 2 lessons per week and you’re doing 2 months worth of lessons every month, do 3 lessons you’re doing 3 months, etc. At the lower levels this will help your child to progress to the next level and at higher levels it helps to learn and improve the new strokes quicker.
Other benefits of multiple lessons per week are that your child is getting fitter with extra exercise, they are preparing for school swim carnivals with extra practice and they are improving their stamina in preparation for Squads or Kids Swim 4 Fitness.
So I thought , what can I do to make this happen? I think the main barrier to doing extra lessons is the cost, so I’ll start from there.
From October the discount for a 2nd weekly lesson will be 40% and 3rd & 4th lesson 50% and 5th lesson per week is 73%.
We will also introduce other incentives as we go along but for now if you think your child will benefit from the extra lesson, it’s been made very affordable for you. I hope you will consider taking up this offer to fast track your child’s progress through the levels.
(All of our customers already doing multiple lessons per week will receive the same new discounts automatically).
Please keep the discussion topics coming in to terry@nepeanswim.com.au. Until next month: Stay Safe Around Water, thanks for reading, Terry.