Making up for lost time in the water.

Whilst our students progress well with the consistent approach of a half hour Learn To Swim lesson once a week, this was not possible for 3 months of this year due to Covid. To make matters worse, some students have missed even more time in the pool as parents comply with recommendations to keep children home if displaying any flu like symptoms – which children invariably do from time to time! So, how can we make up for lost time and make our children safer heading into summer?
Firstly, be sure to use the make up lessons you are entitled to. Make up lessons can be taken 7 days a week at either centre up to the end of the following month and can be extended further if needed – just contact us to discuss.
Multiple lessons per week are a great way to fast track your child’s swimming skills and make up for time missed in the water. The time a child actually spends in the water each week directly impacts on the time it will take for the child to learn to swim, with more frequent repetition of skills often achieving learning outcomes more quickly. I can personally attest to the results – my six year old has been participating in 2 lessons per week since we reopened, and is progressing more quickly than ever before (much to his delight every time a skill sticker is awarded!)
Multiple lessons are also very affordable, with second weekly lessons only $10 each, and further sibling discounts available. Plus, multiple lessons per week are great for increasing and maintaining fitness whilst developing important swim safety skills.
Another option this school holidays is our Intensive Program at NAC, Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October, offering 5 swimming lessons for $50 – a perfect opportunity for your child to catch up and/or progress more quickly, and stay active over the school break. Email to register your interest, or call us!
See you soon at the pool!