Lovely feedback from a swim family!

We love to hear your feedback – thank you to the Williams family for sending through yours before embarking on a new life in WA – we wish you all the very best!

Dear Alan and Karen,

We are writing to express our gratitude towards the staff at your learn to swim program as we are unfortunately moving interstate and our children will have their last lesson next week.

Over the past three years we have been impressed with your program’s professionalism, flexibility and dedication towards teaching our children to swim. Both of our children have made fantastic progress, and this is due to the skills and commitment of their teachers Anne and Lottie.

Our eldest daughter started three years ago at age 2 and was a non-swimmer and under the guidance of Lottie has progressed through to Stingrays at the age of 4. Lottie has always been patient, welcoming and skilled in adjusting her teaching to ensure Matilda was continuing to progress, enjoyed her lessons and managed to get the balance right between fun and focus.

Similarly, our son Harry, who has just turned 3, started with Anne when he was 1. She has persevered with him over the year whereby he missed a large portion of swimming due to COVID and he now swims without any floaties. Anne has ensured our very enthusiastic son has listened, followed her instructions and is now able to dog paddle by himself, which he is very proud of.

Not only have we been impressed with both of our children’s teachers, but any time a replacement teacher was needed, they too conducted the lessons in a fun and engaging manner, which is clearly reflective of your program’s professional development and the quality of your teachers.

Furthermore, we have appreciated the flexibility of your program in being able to swap lessons, add casual lessons and do make ups as required. This has made it possible for us to continue to swim year-round.

Obviously we will thank Lottie and Anne personally, but we feel it is very appropriate to pass on our appreciation of the work they have done with our children to you both as directors.

All the best for 2021.

Kind regards,

Sean and Amanda Williams