Lets get fit in the water!

I often find there is a misconception that Aquatic exercise is just for retirees looking for a gentle workout and a chance to socialise, but the benefits of training in water for both athletes and the general public cannot be underestimated.
Working out in the pool has many benefits. When standing in chest deep water, a person weighs only 10 percent of his or her normal body weight. The reduction means you can work out harder at higher intensity levels several days in a row, without causing wear and tear on your joints and general muscle soreness. The support provided by the water also makes it an ideal environment for people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, heart disease, obesity, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis.
In addition, water is 15 times more resistant than air because there are no gravitational forces. Working out in a pool for 30 minutes gives you similar benefits of a two-hour, land-based workout. Water accommodates resistance – the harder you push or pull through it, the more resistance you experience. While land workouts provide resistance against the pull of gravity, water workouts provide resistance in any direction. That’s a tremendous advantage in sports cross training because athletes strengthen their muscles in exactly the motions they’ll need in their sports. Training in the water additionally ensures that you stay cool in warmer temperatures and prevent overheating.
Many people use water resistance training when injured to maintain their cardiovascular fitness with less impact and therefore less stress on joints, bones, and muscles because of the buoyancy of water. The water is also ideal for post match recovery – we often see the Penrith Panthers down at our centre for a session the morning after a match!
Tempted to get in the water? Check out our Aquarobics timetable!