It’s never too late to Learn To Swim

Did you never have the opportunity to Learn To Swim? For many adults, just being near a body of water causes negative feelings, ranging from mild embarrassment to paralysing fear, simply because they cannot swim. Migrating from a country where swimming isn’t a priority, a lack of access to a pool growing up, a bad experience around water or a physical disability are just some of the reasons people reach adulthood without swimming skills. This can really impact quality of life in Australia, and for parents and grandparents will hinder the ability to safely supervise children in the water.
The statistics from this year’s Royal Lifesaving National Drowning report are concerning, with 241 people aged over 18 drowning in Australia last year. Poor swimming skills and a lack of understanding of swimming environments were major contributing factors in many of these incidents. 81% of drowning deaths were male, and the 45 – 54 years age group recorded the highest number of drowning deaths.
The good news is, it is never too late to learn, to increase your safety around water and to be able to join in on all the fun in the sun with your family that swimming provides. When asked about the benefits of learning to swim as an adult, and what to expect, Gary Toner, CEO of Swim Australia says “Swimming progress is dependent on your existing ability, fitness level and if you have a disability – it’s a very individual thing, but attending weekly lessons at a minimum will keep you progressing”.
“You will also notice health improvements”, Mr Toner adds, “including increased lung capacity, as well as improved circulation, blood pressure and muscle tone. But most of all, you’ll gain confidence, a better lifestyle and social connections”.
We offer adult learn to swim and water confidence group classes, which are a more affordable option to private lessons – the next block begins on October 15th and runs for 9 weeks. The cost includes a 10 visit swim pass to practise swimming skills out of lesson time in our indoor heated pools. Make this year your year to overcome your fear of the water and let’s get swimming. Please email with any questions or to enrol.