How does my child become a Super Swimmer?

Its all about progression through our Learn To Swim levels, rewarding your child for each swim skill achieved, and keeping them engaged with a sticker chart visually tracking their progression through each level.

Children love ongoing encouragement! Children’s swimming skills are celebrated as they are achieved with a sticker for their progression chart – when all stickers are obtained within the level, your child will advance to the next level! All children are different, and some skills are harder to achieve than others, however if your child has not had a sticker for a little while and you would like an explanation as to why this might be the case, please talk to us at reception, discuss with the supervisor, or with your Learn To Swim teacher briefly at the start or end of the lesson. We are here to help, and our number one priority is to work with yourself and your child to progress their swimming skills and ultimately make them safer around the water.