Hollman Family Swim Story

My son, Stuart Hollman (3.5 years) was swimming at another swim centre and had quite a bad experience – he was not able to swim on his own after 10 weeks, and at one time came out of the water blue in the face. He also had a chronic asthma attack, which lasted for a week after one lesson, and the centre didn’t seem to have any empathy for this fact at all, or seem interested in how to avoid in future. So I needed to find another swim centre, but was very nervous after the experience to date.
Reluctantly I started to call around, and was lucky to speak with a wonderful lady at Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s Swim School called Belinda. She listened to my account of our experience to date, helped to dispel my fears, and together we came up with a game plan to get my little boy back in the water again, starting with a couple of initial private lessons to rebuild his confidence.
Despite some nervousness on both our parts, Stuart did a couple of private lessons with Miss Brianna, who is an amazing teacher and very caring. My son can now put his face under the water, blow bubbles, and allows Miss Bree to put water on his face. Most importantly, he is no longer scared of swimming, and is back in a group lesson environment doing an hour lesson every week, were his confidence and swimming skills are improving every lesson and he is even enjoying swimming! He is even now able to swim on his own!
We did have a small setback recently when Miss Brianna was away from a lesson and Stuart had a meltdown as a result, however the other Learn to Swim teachers were amazing and rallied around Stuart, reassuring him, and making sure he was happy and comfortable with the new instructor, and we went on to have a great lesson!
I would like to thank Miss Brianna, Miss Fiona, and Belinda and all the instructors who helped Stuart through his setback for all their help and kindness towards my family. It was incredibly important to me that my son learn to swim, and now he can. Thank you! Sonia Thomson.