Help us to make our community Heart of the Nation Champions!

As part of our commitment to safety, Nepean Swim & Fitness is a proud partner of Heart Of The Nation, a charity founded by Former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page after a sudden cardiac arrest. Greg says “”My life was saved because of bystanders who knew how to do CPR and the fact that there was an AED nearby when I went into cardiac arrest – and people knew where it was. Having an AED within 3 minutes of someone can increase survival rates by 200-300%! By displaying a Heart of the Nation sticker, people will know where to find an AED when it is needed. Let the community know that you’ve got what it takes to try to save a life!”

If you are a community group, club, business, workplace, shop, school or any type of organisation that has an AED (defibrillator) on-site that could be used by any member of the community, then let’s promote it! PLEASE sign up to the Heart Of The Nation network if so! It takes moments to sign up online, and costs nothing to join! Membership is free, and we provide you with stickers to show the nation you are committed to preventing sudden cardiac death.

In the event of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, then we want to let the nation know that you have a defibrillator on site to be used, if it is ever needed. Apply for free membership today, and we will send you your A5-sized “Heart of the Nation AED Inside” stickers. We will also include your location on the Heart of the Nation smartphone app!
All you need to do is place the stickers on the front door or window of your business so the community knows where to find an AED when needed, and keep your AED maintained – we’ll help you with that!

Sign up using the link below and use the code NEPEANSWIM to become a Champion! Lets see how many organisations we can get signed up to the network locally, to help make our community safer.

The Heart of the Nation vision is simple – but the mission is not, and any help we can provide is greatly appreciated.

Heart of the Nation’s vision is to see an increase in survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest – we believe that there are more than 7,000 lives that can be saved EVERY YEAR with greater access in the community to the life-saving skills and tools that form the Chain of Survival. As such, the work we do aims to increase the community’s awareness of, and access to these skills and resources.