Haworth Family Swim Story

Matthew was never comfortable in the water. Even as a baby he hated his bath times and when he progressed to showers he hated them too! He didn’t like having the water run over his face. We thought he might get a little better – we were so wrong! We persisted until I finally enrolled him into swimming lessons at 19 months. Now, I was prepared for a few weeks of crying and a few tantrums but I never imagined the ear piercing screams nor the way he clutched me while in the water. I couldn’t remove him from my hip; his grip was so tight that by the end of the lesson his little fingers were white with strain! This behavior continued for approx. 12 weeks straight……… I’m so thankful to all the staff and those who were present at the pool for their patience and understanding during those excruciating weeks. It’s not easy having a child that is being difficult nor is it easy to keep your cool during those times. After the initial phase he became a little quieter. Still cried but did slowly become more and more comfortable in the pool. Gradually, things improved. It has been a long hard road these past 3 ½ years but he is now finally able to comfortably get into any pool and swim without being completely overcome with fear. There are no quick fixes with children who fear the water – persistence and patience with a lot of “tough love” moments have proven to be the key in Matthews case. Hang in there, it’s worth it!