Give the gift swimming for life!

This year has certainly been challenging in terms of the rise in cost of living, petrol and grocery prices and interest rate hikes, making the lead up to Christmas an anxious time for many households. All of these circumstances have me questioning if we really need all the extra purchases that usually accompany this time of year, and if the type of presents we are giving need to be rethought?

For me, this Christmas needs to be a stress free event, less about multiple or large presents under the tree, and all about time spent with loved ones. It is very important this year that the gifts I exchange with family are meaningful, not whatever I could grab during my usual last minute dash to Westfields in the weekend before the big day. A gift that will not end up discarded by new year’s day. A gift that will make a difference and / or bring joy to the recipient. A gift that will promote long lasting confidence, skills or a memorable experience.

With over half of Aussie kids currently not attending swimming lessons, denying them the basic skills needed to safely experience all of the aquatic activities on offer in the Australian summertime, what could be a better gift than swimming lessons? SWIM Australia CEO, Brendon Ward said one in every five families had to cease lessons this year due to increased cost of living expenses. “The reality is cost of living pressures have been a concern for many families this year and unfortunately some parents have taken their children out of swimming lessons to manage financial constraints,” he said. We are already seeing a surge in requests for gift vouchers from grandparents particularly, but also aunties, uncles and friends of the family, being organised from as far afield as interstate and overseas.

Swimming lessons are a gift that require no storage space, promote health, physical activity and safety, are fun, and teach a skill that will last a lifetime. Alan Bentley, owner of Nepean Swim and Fitness agreed. “Many children missed out on time in the water during lockdowns, and we are still seeing the effects this day, with only 41% of Aussie kids currently in swimming lessons. However, the dangers of the water remain, so gifting swimming lessons for Christmas is both a thoughtful and practical gift. Adults who are unable to swim may also request swimming lessons for Christmas to help them to set and reach the goal of learning to swim in 2024”.

Gift vouchers can be used for any of our programs, and in conjunction with Active Kids Vouchers. Creative Kids vouchers can be used towards our Paddles Swim Safety Camps.

Contact us on 4730 8900 to arrange a gift voucher or suggest a Gift Voucher to grandparents or family here or even overseas! Happy shopping!