Give A Gift For Life!

It’s that time of year again………..and each year it seems to get harder to buy gifts for my nieces, nephews and children – as storing endless numbers of loud, bright plastic toys and puzzles, Lego and board games, with about a million pieces to pick up (after painfully stepping on each of them) every evening is starting to present a problem. I definitely don’t want to encourage any more technology coming into the household either, if I could pay Santa to take Fortnight away I would! So this year I’ve challenged both Santa and my extended family to think outside the box, and look for gifts which promote physical activity, learning a new skill, or having a new experience.
It seems that I am not alone in this new approach, as over the past few years, we have seen lots of parents, carers and relatives also bypassing more traditional presents for experiential presents, or gifts which teach children a skill. Swimming lessons proved to be one of the most popular choices in this emerging trend, with gift voucher sales increasing year on year. Swimming lessons are a gift that require no storage space, promote health and safety, are fun, and teach a skill that will last a lifetime.
Alan Bentley, owner of Nepean Swim and Fitness agreed. “With the usual start of summer spotlight on water safety at front of mind, when presented with the comparison between buying another toy which will lose its novelty quickly, or potentially life saving swimming lessons, the choice is a no brainer to many people these days. I am also hearing from parents that they are reluctant to give their children another piece of technology to encourage couch potato behavior, and instead would like to see their children get out and get active. A gift that ticks the boxes for both safety and physical activity represents value for money to parents.” said Bentley.
With this in mind, we have a very special School Holiday Intensive Program running in January 2019, offering 10 lessons for $80, or 5 lessons for $40. Intensive Lesson weeks are a great way to accelerate the swimming skills of children already in lessons, fast track children into lessons after a break from swimming, or hone swimming skills in preparation for school swimming carnivals. Want to invest in a skill for life for your children or grandchildren? Enquire at reception! Gift vouchers also available for weekly lessons.