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Enrolment Bag

Every new or returning customer pays a booking in fee (which covers the administration cost to book a new customer into our program), but also receives an enrolment bag, with up to $189 worth of offers and discounts!
So, whats in the bag?
Free Aquarobics Class Pass (worth $13.50)
10% off a bday party with slide (Discount equals $40.50)
1 weeks free lessons for up to 3 kids (Up to $50.70)
Booking Fee waived for friend (worth $13.50)
Free CPR course (buy one, get one free – worth $62)
Free Freddo Frog (0.60c)
Free Icy Pole ($1.20)
Regular Coffee from Nutrition Station ($3.80)
Nutrition Station Kids Shake ($4)
Total – $189 – PLUS the bag itself doubles as a handy swim or shopping bag!
Enrolment Bag