Do you have a question about our reopening?

Everything you need to know is right here in our FAQ’s – otherwise feel free to contact us!

Q: What date will Learn To Swim recommence?
A: Wednesday 24th June, at both Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Borys Swim School.

Q: Will I keep my child’s class booking as it was previous to your temporary closure?
A: We will be calling all customers to confirm your booking in the coming days.

Q: When will my direct debit payments resume?
A: Payment will be taken from Wednesday 24th June for one week only, then usual monthly Direct Debits will recommence start July.

Q: Can we use the July 1 Active Kids voucher?
A: Absolutely, please bring the voucher to reception anytime in July and it will be applied to your account. A further Direct Debit will not be taken from your account whilst your account is in credit, or will only be applied for the amount outstanding after the Active Kids voucher has been added. We are still taking any unused vouchers from January.

Q: Will all lessons resume from June 24th?
A: Yes, all lessons including water babies, learn to swim and Kids Swim 4 Fitness will resume from 24th June.

Q: Are the make ups that were on my account when you closed still able to be used?
A: Absolutely, all was essentially just frozen when we temporarily closed, and those make ups will still be on your account, ready to be used.

Q: When will Aquarobics resume?
A: Aquarobics will resume from Saturday 13th June, on a temporary timetable. We are currently restricted to 20 participants per class for Aquarobics, so we have added classes to the temporary timetable. Aquarobics timetable from 24/6 will be advertised closer to this date. Bookings are not required and attendance will be on a first come first served basis. Participants will be required to sign in and provide their contact phone number. Registration for each class will open one hour before the scheduled start time of each class.

Q: When will Public Swimming resume?
A: Public Swimming will resume from Saturday 13th June, on a temporary timetable at Nepean Aquatic Centre only. Public swimming timetables for both centres from 24/6 will be advertised closer to this date. Bookings are not required. Swimmers will be required to sign in and provide their contact phone number.

Q: When will Birthday Parties resume?
A: We will be in contact with all customers who currently have Birthday Party booked with us and will advertise when we are taking new bookings.

Q: What are the COVID SAFE recommendations for the Learn To Swim and Aquatic industry, and will you have all in place?
A: Yes, all recommendations will be in place, your safety is our priority.
Recommendations include:
A COVID Safe plan registered with NSW Health
Excluding any staff or customers with cold or flu like symptoms from attending
Provision of hand sanitizer
Capacity of the centre is limited to 1 person per 4sqm.
Request that only 1 parent/career attend per child
Markers on seats to demonstrate safe physical distancing
Provision of additional seating spaced appropriately
Floor markings to demonstrate safe physical distancing at reception
Restrict numbers of people who are using the amenities at any one time
Recommendation that customers shower at home wherever possible.
Increase the frequency of cleaning

Q: Are your change room facilities open?
A: Yes, however numbers are required to be limited, so we encourage you to bring your child ready for their lesson and take them home in a robe, track suit or hooded towel to shower. Alternatively, the pool deck showers will also be available.

Q: Can I still support my child and be in the water with them during a Water Babies class?
A: Absolutely, adults will maintain a 1.5m distance from the nearest adult, but are not required to distance from their child.

Q: Are your instructors allowed contact with my child in the water as usual?
A: Yes, where it is impractical for the instructor not to support your child in the water from a safety point of view the instructor may make contact. The overriding factor is our duty of care to the safety of your child while in the water.

Q: Do I need to download the COVIDSafe app?
A: We strongly encourage customers and staff to download the COVIDSafe app as per government recommendations.

Q: Can I suspend my child’s lessons and come back at a later date?
A: As per our Terms and conditions we cannot hold a booking in our program open long term, so you will need to cancel out of the program and then re enrol at a later date. Re enrolment will incur a booking fee, make ups currently on your account will be forfeited, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your current day, time and instructor will be available.

Q: When will 3 month passes for Aquarobics and Public Swimming be reactivated?
A: As we recommence all of our operations from 24th June, all 3 month passes for Aquarobics and lap swimming will be reactivated on 24th June.

Q: I still have a question, how can I contact you?
A: We are open in office hours and can be reached on 4730 8900, or send us a message –