Changes to the way we award stickers for acquisition of Learn To Swim skills!

We have introduced a new way of awarding skill stickers to students from February 1st, to make the process easier for everyone!
Previously when a student was awarded a skill the teacher asked the parent to go to reception and ask for the appropriate coloured sticker, but sometimes the colour or skill was forgotten, or we parents leave the centre without remembering to ask for the sticker! So from now on, when your child obtains a new skill, your LTS instructor will give the student (or parent if the child is very young) a laminated card stating the sticker earnt. This card is then swapped at reception for a sticker. If you accidentally leave without claiming the sticker, or pop the card into your bag and forget about it, you can just hand the card in for a sticker next time you attend!
We are so proud of every single child in our program when they obtain the next skill, and so wanted to design a process that gave them something physical to redeem for their sticker, on top of the praise and encouragement a new skill learnt also brings!