Why we are the best for Water Babies!

Looking for a Swim School for your Water Baby?

We cater for babies classes from 6 to 30 months, and start babies at 6 months based on sound medical and developmental research. Our Water Babies program was introduced in 2010 after extensive investigations into the best practises within the learn to swim industry, and our classes are tailored to the age and abilities of the children using Austswim qualified teaching staff who are also extensively mentored internally to give your children the best swim instructors available. Children have skills to be obtained within each level before advancing to the next level. In addition our program rotates through a 4 week program giving variety and maintaining the children’s interest at the same time as practising the skills that we want them to achieve. Teaching your child to swim from a young age is giving them an important gift for life!
Nepean Aquatic Centre has a separate Learn To Swim pool heated to 31 degrees with an air conditioned observation room for parents and well appointed change rooms with hot showers, family change room with change table, and ample off street undercover parking. Nepean Aquatic Centre uses only the best possible filtration systems to ensure the water in both pools is of excellent quality at all times, is tested multiple times daily in line with all relevant regulations, and makes use of the natural light and ventilation available.

Testimonials from Swim Parents:

Jack has been attending Nepean Aquatic for seven weeks now after having hip surgery in February and casting for three months. We attend the Saturday class with Anna who has been nothing but support of Jack’s recovery journey and helps weigh in on Jack’s growth and development over this time. Jack has come leaps and bounds since starting swimming classes and every week become more and more confident. He gets excited every Saturday upon walking in and is eager to participate every week with big smiles. We just wanted to say a big thank you to Anna and Nepean Aquatic for being so supportive of our family during such a difficult recovery and we look forward to continuing this recovery in the coming weeks. Demi Fisher.

I would like to thank Miss Brianna, Miss Fiona, and Belinda and all the instructors who helped Stuart through his setback for all their help and kindness towards my family. It was incredibly important to me that my son learn to swim, and now he can. Thank you! Sonia Hollman.

All of Grace’s teachers formed strong relationships that reflected in her enthusiasm for swimming. All of these teachers were warm, enthusiastic and caring. What was amazing was the unexpected “nurturing”. There are good teachers and then there are great teachers. Grace’s teachers fell into the later category. This nurturing was an intrinsic attribute of these beautiful teachers. Teaching Grace was not about getting paid to do a job it was about a passion to teach a skill to save each child’s life should they get into trouble in the water.
Each of them knew the important responsibility they had. You just have to see Grace’s face light up each and every time she sees Robyn, Jenny, Fiona and Hayden. She sees her teachers as her hero’s and wants to be just like them when she grows up. And there is no greater compliment than this.
Grace found a joy that will last a lifetime. Maggie Sanger

I just want to share with you a video of my son Angel on ABC ME News To Me -Big News last Sunday morning. Angel is in the achievers program as he is autistic and does not like water touching his face and because of this has never been able to have normal swimming lessons. Thanks to this awesome program for kids with different abilities and his very patient wonderful teacher Kim (who puts up with a lot from him) he not only is learning to swim but put his whole head under water numerous times for a photo from puddle pics when they came to his lesson. This is a major achievement for him so much so when he was interviewed for ABC ME he chose his underwater photo for his big news he is so proud of this he had to tell the world.
So thank you to Nepean Aquatic Centre without you the achievers program and Kim this wouldn’t have been possible. Brooke Barnes

Swimming lessons are a real joy for us. Finally, after a lot of perseverance and heartache, Bowen has come to really enjoy swimming……. I never thought I would say that! Thank you to Eva Bory’s and their fab teachers, and to Karen along the way for all the support and advice along the way!
Vanessa Powell