ASSA Safer Water Warriors are here!

The Australian Swim Schools Association’s SAFERwater Warriors are on a mission to help spread important water safety messages!

“Keep a watchful eye out always, and even more so as summer approaches!”
A wise message from Skye, our SAFERwater Warrior who champions Adult Supervision. She reminds us all that an adult needs to be focused on supervision at ALL times and not distracted by their phone, a book or a friendly chat.
Yindi, our Warrior Guide, also reminds us at social gatherings (like a backyard BBQ), that someone MUST commit to supervising and it is not simply assumed that ‘someone else is doing it’.

“Especially as we Countdown to Summer – If you aren’t in lessons already it’s never too late to get started!”
Great advice from Glide, ASSA’s SAFER WaterWarrior and champion for everyone learning how to swim!
Yindi, her wise guide, reminds us that “swimming skills are a gift for life & it is the most important activity for parents to get their kids into.”

“Fences & gates need regular checking and maintenance to keep children SAFER”
Great advice from Force, ASSA’s SAFER WaterWarrior for barriers.
Our Wise guru Yindy adds “keep anything a child could climb onto to access a pool gate latch, securely away & consider locks & alarms for extra protection – be vigilant as we count down to Summer!”.

“Especially as we Countdown to Summer – If you haven’t thought about what you would do if there was an emergency in or around water, here are my top tips!”
1) If a child is missing, check any water areas FIRST – seconds count
2) Ensure everyone who cares for your child, including you, knows CPR
3) Have an Emergency Action Plan in place, especially if you have a backyard pool
4) Ensure all the other layers of protection are around your child – supervision, barriers and swimming skills – dealing with an emergency is the last line of defence.
Great advice from Dash, ASSA’s SAFER WaterWarrior and Emergency Action Warrior.
Our wise guru Yindi reminds us that no-one can afford to think ‘that won’t happen to me’. Be vigilant about the layers of protection as we ‘ Countdown to Summer’

Download your ASSA SAFER WATER WARRIORS activity sheet here: Colouring In Sheet