Are you ready for your school swimming carnival?

Many children and parents will (hopefully) experience their first school swimming carnival in the coming weeks, after so many carnivals were cancelled in 2021. Encourage your child to take the plunge – a high student participation rate makes for a fun and exciting day for all, and with the number of children reaching the fifty metre freestyle swimming milestone declining, it is sad to see less and less competitors in these races each year.
All water and sun safety basics apply at swimming carnivals. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied several times throughout the day, and a broad rimmed hat, polo shirt and zinc in the child’s house colour is ideal for further sun protection. Food, lots of water, a card game or book for the sometimes long waits between age groups and 2 towels (1 to use and 1 to sit on) are always handy, as is a waterproof bag to bring everything home. Always follow the instructions of the race official, and only enter the water when instructed to do so. And remember, hair sprayed in house colour/s may look great, but you might not be allowed in the pool!
Good luck to all and race well. If your children are not yet in swimming lessons, make this your year to start their swimming journey and begin to work towards the recommended swimming milestones!