Aquarobics changes lives!

Having been an Aqua Instructor at Nepean Aquatic Centre for 8 years, I’ve seen some participants come and go, attend seasonally, or attend specific days, times or classes, there is no “one size fits all” approach to Aqua fitness. However, there are many dedicated regulars who attend lots of classes every single week, and have done so for many years. I spoke with two such ladies, Leona and Kaylene, to find out why.
Kaylene Ross, 68, started attending Aquarobics at NAC in 2013, after suffering a stroke in 2012 and being referred to aquatic exercise by both her specialist and GP. Kaylene had previously led an active life, both as a foster carer, and walking regularly for exercise. She started by attending 2 x 1 hour Aquarobics classes a week, and has now built up to 8 classes a week in the water! During this time, Kaylene was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but has managed her condition with exercise and managed to stay off medication.
Kaylene regularly participates in Aquarobics for the social aspect in addition to the health and fitness benefits, saying “I have made a lot of friends at Aquarobics and it’s great to catch up. I think the social interaction is almost as important as the exercise we do”. Kaylene adds that if she has time off from Aquarobics the ongoing effects of having had a stroke worsen, and she “suffers balance problems and foggy head”.
Kaylene is no longer able to do any land based exercise, but it is able to do everything in the water. When asked if she would recommend Aquarobics to others Kaylene said “Yes, definitely. There is so much you can do in the water. You can work at your own pace, it’s good no matter which fitness level you are at”. Kayleen also had an invitation for anyone mistakenly believing Aquarobics is just for women, “For the men out there, come join in as you will find it’s even better than the gym. So easy to exercise with great music and the warm water is soothing to those aching bones”.
Leona Kenyan, 62, has been attending Aquarobics at NAC since early 2016, and has been averaging 8 classes a week ever since. Having always been active, including aerobics, water skiing, scuba diving and lots of walking, Leona decided to give Aquarobics a try because she “loves the water, loves to exercise, and likes to meet new people”.
Since joining Leona has noticed a definite improvement to her lower back pain, and says that if she has any time off from Aquarobics her “whole body badly hurts from top to bottom”. She has also “met some very nice people”, and recommends Aquarobics to friends that find it hard to exercise.
Kaylene stresses that there is nothing about the environment that is intimidating, saying “I have found the staff friendly and helpful, and the instructors very approachable”.
So, if you’ve been looking for a fun and social way to get yourself fitter and happier, why not give Aquarobics a try? It is one of the highest fat burning forms of exercise available, and is non weight bearing – supporting up to 85% of your body weight – so there is a low risk of injury. We run classes at Nepean Aquatic Centre 6 days a week, including Aqua Fit, Aqua Gentle,, Aqua Deep, and Aqua Pre & Post Natal. If you have any queries, or would like to chat about the best class for you, just drop me a line –
Thank you to both Kaylene and Leona for sharing their stories! See you soon at the pool!