Air handling at NAC – why is opening the windows discouraged? Your questions answered………!

We are often asked (especially as the weather heats up), why we discourage the windows being opened at NAC. Well, we have our reasons!

We have invested in a state of the art air handling unit in both pool halls to keep our customers as comfortable as possible within the aquatic environment by providing 100% fresh air 24/7. The air handling units do not cool, they only heat, operating on a thermostat based on a set temperature (27°C in the LTS pool hall, 26°C for the lap pool hall). Why are the temperatures set at this level? To give our children a warm and comfortable Learn To Swim experience in an optimal learning environment! Whilst we appreciate it might sometimes be a little less comfortable for parents sitting on pool deck, opening a window to allow cool air in feels very chilly to our students and instructors.

Windows should remain closed unless the outside air temperature is no less than 1°C below the set temperature. In other words, unless the outside air temperature is above 26°C, the windows in the LTS pool should remain closed. Unless the outside air temperature is above 25°C, the lap pool windows should remain closed.

If the windows are open when it is much cooler outside, the cool air coming through the windows will decrease the temperature in the pool hall. The temperature sensors for the air handling unit will detect that the temperature has dropped and attempt to increase heat to bring the pool hall up to the set temperature. In other words, the air change unit will fight against the cool air coming through the windows. This means the air handling unit will be working harder, longer, will be consuming a significant amount of electricity and the temperature in the end will get back to the set point! So, nothing is achieved by opening the windows when it is cooler outside.

Please rest assured that if the air outside gets warmer than the air inside our staff will open a few windows to make our customers more comfortable whilst watching, whilst keeping our students comfortable in the water.

Thank you for your understanding!