Adults Learn To Swim – it’s never too late!

Of the 339 people who drowned in Australia last year, 299 were over 18 – meaning 88% of people who drowned were adults. 82% of all drowning deaths were male.

One in four adults are either weak swimmers or can’t swim at all, with adults participating in regular swimming coming in at under three million or 14.8% of the adult population over 15 years of age. Poor swimming skills and a lack of understanding of swimming environments were major contributing factors in many of the drowning incidents, so I would urge all adults who are not able to swim to make it their goal to learn this year – it is never too late.

Inability to swim can really impact quality of life in Australia, and for parents and grandparents will hinder the ability to safely supervise children in the water. We have so much natural beauty on our doorstep – I spent last weekend walking in Glenbrook National Park, a swimming in crystal clear swimming holes against the backdrop of a beautiful waterfall. I thought what a shame it was for so many adults to miss out on the chance to do so due to a lack of confidence in the water.

There are so many reasons to take the plunge and choose to learn to swim as an adult. For those with a fear of water, swimming lessons for adults will ultimately provide a huge confidence boost – and your kids will notice, too! Children benefit hugely from practice outside of class, so having a parent or guardian who can get in the water with them who is able to safely and confidently monitor their kids swimming is ideal. Being able to guide your child through the process of learning to swim will create meaningful memories to last a lifetime.

Another benefit of swimming is that it is a low impact workout, which is great for your joints and bones – and it is far gentler on your body than land based exercise. Swimming is a full body resistance workout, which in turn helps you to build strength, flexibility and muscle mass. Every major muscle group in your body will have to work, and that means more calories burned! Your lungs will become more efficient and blood flow will improve throughout your body. As with any aerobic exercise, your resting heart rate will improve, and you can also decrease your blood pressure.

Most importantly, getting acclimated to the water and learning the fundamental aspects of swimming can save your life. Being a strong swimmer is not only a safety measure for yourself but for your kids.

We offer adult learn to swim and water confidence group classes, which run an 8-10 week blocks, and the cost includes a 10 visit swim pass to practise swimming skills out of lesson time in our indoor heated pools. Please email with any questions or to enrol. Let’s get swimming!