Adult Learn to Swim

I have just returned from the most amazing holiday ever, spent close to home, and mostly in the water. From swimming at our amazing beaches located up north, down south and our local Penrith beach, in waterholes in the Blue Mountains, riding waterslides at Raging Waters and splashing in the backyard pools of family and friends, we had so much fun and quality family time. It makes me sad to know to that one in four Australian adults are missing out on all of these experiences, being either weak swimmers or unable to swim at all.

Older adults are a growing concern when looking at the most recent Royal Lifesaving Australia drowning report. Adults 45 years or older represented 57 per cent of 2022/23 drowning deaths, and drowning rates were above the 10-year average for all age groups 45 years and older except for 65-74, where there was no change.

A range of factors contribute to drowning in adults including underlying heart or other medical conditions, especially while boating or using watercraft (including kayaking and surfing), bystander rescuer drowning deaths, and falls into water. Changing employment patterns, increased recreation by older adults, and decreased swimming fitness may all have contributed to this concerning increase in fatal drowning for older adults. Poor swimming skills and a lack of understanding of swimming environments were major contributing factors in many of the drowning incidents, so I would urge all adults who are not able to swim to make it their goal to learn this year – it is never too late. 

There are so many reasons to take the plunge and choose to learn to swim as an adult. For those with a fear of water, swimming lessons for adults will ultimately provide a huge confidence boost – and your kids will notice, too! Children benefit hugely from practice outside of class, so having a parent or guardian who can get in the water with them who is able to safely and confidently monitor their kids swimming is ideal. Being able to guide your child through the process of learning to swim will create meaningful memories to last a lifetime. Inability to swim can really impact quality of life in Australia, and for parents and grandparents will hinder the ability to safely supervise children in the water.

Another benefit of swimming is that it is a low impact workout, which is great for your joints and bones – and it is far gentler on your body than land based exercise. Swimming is a full-body resistance workout, which in turn helps you to build strength, flexibility and muscle mass. Every major muscle group in your body will have to work, and that means more calories burned!

Most importantly, getting acclimated to the water and learning the fundamental aspects of swimming can save your life. Being a strong swimmer is not only a safety measure for yourself but for your kids.

We offer adult learn to swim and confidence group classes, however, our program is hugely popular. Keep an eye out on our socials for updates with available dates to book yourself in! Let’s get swimming!