Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence classes

Over the past few years, Learn to Swim for adults has typically been offered on a one to one basis. However, we got to thinking about how we could educate more adults each week, and have this year started to offer a specific group program of Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence classes.
Why is adult learn to swim important? Of the 249 people who drowned last year, 218 were aged 18 or over. The most common activity undertaken before drowning occurred was swimming / recreating, falling or jumping into the water, or being on a boat – all activities we would all hope to enjoy without fear. However sometimes an incident occurs which tests the skills of adult swimmers, often with a tragic outcome.
Sometimes when parents cannot swim they are less likely to have their children in Learn to Swim programs, and there are also cultural factors that influence participation rates. A recent Royal Life Saving Australia survey showed that children of participants who were born in another country were significantly less likely to be participating in lessons (or have participated previously) than those who were born in Australia. Children of participants who spoke a language other than English at home were also significantly less likely to be participating in lessons (or have participated previously) than those who did not speak another language at home. Australian aquatic environments can be fierce and challenging, so as much education as possible across all sectors of the community is what we are aiming for.
Royal Life Saving Australia advise that adults test their skills and fitness in the controlled environment of a public swimming pool prior to recreating in open water locations, such as beaches and rivers, particularly if they have not been in this type of aquatic location for some time or if their swimming skills have not been maintained. They also encourage participation in a Royal Life Savings Bronze Medallion or Grey Medallion course or Adult Learn to Swim course to revise important swimming skills and water safety knowledge.
Fear, never having the opportunity to learn, being raised in another country where swimming is not intrinsically linked to the culture and lifestyle, or embarrassment at not being able to swim should not hold you back from learning to swim in your adult years. It is never too late to learn, and to then be able to join in on all the fun in the sun with your family that swimming provides. Not to mention being able to help a member of your family if they got into trouble in the water. Enrolling in an adult Learn to Swim course is particularly important if you had limited or no exposure to swimming as a child.
Our Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence group class initiative was born out of our customers asking for group adult lessons, and as a more affordable option to private lessons, in an easy to access ten week program. Make this year your year to overcome your fear of the water and let’s get swimming!