Adult group swimming lessons

So your children are learning to swim, but can you? Fear, never having the opportunity to learn, being raised in another country where swimming is not intrinsically linked to the culture and lifestyle, or embarrassment at not being able to swim should not hold you back from learning to swim in your adult years. It is never too late to learn, and to then be able to join in on all the fun in the sun with your family that swimming provides. Not to mention being able to help a member of your family if they got into trouble in the water.
Did you know that of the 248 people who drowned in Australia last year, the 45-54 years age group recorded the largest amount of drowning deaths?
Terry Spinks is Operation Manager at Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s, and is passionate about teaching adults to swim. Mr Spinks said “Learning to swim opens that person up to a whole range of new possibilities and experiences – snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, or confidently taking the kids to a water park. About 90% of our adult students have had a fright in the water that has acted as the catalyst for them to pick up the phone and enquire about lessons”.
Terry added “The majority of people in our adult swimming lessons are people from immigrant backgrounds – they simply didn’t grow up with the emphasis we place on learning to swim. It’s never too late to learn, and everyone is welcome!”
Learn to Swim for adults have been typically offered on a one to one basis in the past, but we also offer a specific group program of Adult Learn to Swim and Water Confidence classes. This initiative was born out of our customers asking for group adult lessons, and as a more affordable option to private lessons, in an easy to access ten week program.
For adults who can swim but are a little rusty, Royal Life Saving Australia advise they test their skills and fitness in the controlled environment of a public swimming pool prior to going on holidays or recreating in open water locations, such as beaches and rivers, particularly if they have not been in this type of aquatic location for some time or if their swimming skills have not been maintained.
Make this year your year to overcome your fear of the water and let’s get swimming!