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Second Lesson Special!

Second Lesson Special! Lessons under $15*
*based on 2 lessons per week.

With many parents opting for 2 weekly lessons, we have a multiple lesson discount available all year round at Nepean Aquatic Centre and Eva Bory’s Swim School! Just $10 for the second and subsequent lessons per week – which means less than $30 for 2 lessons per week, averaging at less than $15 per lesson, and the price comes down further with sibling discounts on top!

Fast track your children’s swimming skills, and achieve your swimming goals in half the time, at a reduced cost.
Never has it been more important to teach our children to swim and keep them safer can around water. Whilst our Learn to Swim program is absolutely effective when delivered once a week to our students, like any skill, repetition is key, and there are great benefits to more regular practice. For some families, the one lesson per week approach to Learning to Swim is the best option in terms of both time and financial commitment, however it has come to our attention that more regular lessons suit some families better, so we want to make this option affordable for all.



Multiple lessons per week represent:

An increase in Real Swimming Time. The time a child actually spends in the water each week directly impacts on the time it will take for the child to Learn To Swim.
Repetition. Resulting in fast tracking your child’s development of water safety skills, swimming strokes and technique.
Progression. Your child will progress much more quickly through the swimming levels.
Value for Money. Huge discounts for multiple lessons per week as family discount still also applies on top!
Fitness. Multiple lessons per week are great for increasing and maintaining fitness.
Competitive Swimming. Multiple weekly lessons form a great foundation from which to progress along the pathway of squads and competitive swimming.
Learning. A recent study from Griffith University found that children who swim demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children – so it stands to reason the more time spent swimming, the more benefit children will experience towards learning outcomes both in and out of the pool.
Flexibility. Multiple lessons may especially appeal to families at different times of the year – in winter to maintain fitness if the child plays a summer sport, before going away on a holiday, before school carnivals, after a break from lessons to catch up. You can adjust the amount of lessons pr week at any time.

While multiple lessons per week are beneficial for many reasons, it is also very important to remember that consistency is key. It is not an effective approach to do multiple lessons per week for a period of time then have extended breaks from the program, which often results in a loss of swimming skills, and catch up lessons needed. Swimming is a consistent, all year round activity, no matter how many lessons per week are right for your child.


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