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Gift for life!

Give the gift of life – swimming lessons!

With over half Aussie kids currently not attending swimming lessons, denying them the basic skills needed to safely experience all of the aquatic experience activities on offer in the Australian summertime, what could be a better gift than swimming lessons? We are already seeing a surge in  requests for gift vouchers from grandparents, aunty, uncles and friends of the family, being organised from as far afield as interstate and overseas. 

Swimming lessons are a gift that require no storage space, promote health, physical activity and safety are fun, nd teach a skill that will last a lifetime. The dangers of water remain, so gifting swimming lessons for Birthdays and Christmas is both a thoughtful and practical gift. 

Adults who are unable to swim may also request swimming lessons as a gift to help them reach the goal of learning a new life skill!

These gift vouchers can be purchased from reception for set denominations of $50 or $100. For specific amounts of your choosing, please email