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Child Protection

All of our employees are required to obtain a Working With Children Check number.
We ask that school age children use the gender appropriate change room. Nepean Aquatic Centre has a family change room for families with children of both genders.
No recording devices or mobile phones are to be used in the change rooms.
Whilst we encourage that you capture your child’s progress on camera, you must ensure that no child other than your own is included in the image or recording unless you have been given express permission by that child’s parent or guardian.
Under no circumstances can you upload pictures of other people’s children to social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, without the express permission of those children’s parents or guardian. To do so may be a violation of state and/or federal law.
No images of children will be used in any of our marketing materials, website or Social Media without the written permission of the child’s parents.

We operate in line with the Industry Child Protection policy as provided by the Australian Swim Schools Association, of which we are members:
A child’s safety – when learning to swim in the care of a teacher – is paramount.
Not only are appropriate current qualifications mandatory in teaching children to swim, but so too is the Government’s ‘Working With Children Check’.
To quote from the website, “A Working With Children Check is a requirement for people who work or volunteer in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.”
This is the very minimum requirement when working with children in ASSA Member Swim Schools.
As a proud Member Swim School of national authority, the Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA); we stand strong and united with fellow, nationwide member swim schools, in ensuring staff are appropriately trained and have passed extensive background checks, before working with and around children.
We note that last year ASSA engaged leading Child Protection experts, Child Safeguard, to further assist the Industry and Member Swim Schools with it’s child protection policies and procedures.
Protecting our children, their basic rights and upholding their safety, is of the highest of importance when working with children, and this most certainly extends to swim teaching.

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