But when can we open for Learn To Swim?

Whilst we certainly welcomed the Deputy Premier’s announcement on Tuesday that ‘Some indoor recreational facilities including pools and saunas can also reopen with restricted numbers’ from June 13th, we now really need the NSW Government to consider Learn To Swim as the unique and essential children’s service it is, and let us reopen asap with guidelines allowing us to recommence Learn To Swim lessons!


• We are an essential educational facility. Learn To Swim is an essential educational service.
• Learning To Swim is by far the primary driver that affects our national drowning statistics, particularly for our children. Prolonged restrictions due to COVID-19 will put lives at risk in the future.
• Drowning is still the number 1 cause of accidental death in children under 5 in Australia, with 19 children aged 0-4 drowning last year. Children are at a much higher risk of drowning than of contracting Covid 19.
• Restricting numbers for Learn To Swim lessons creates a barrier to children being able to access lifesaving swimming lessons.
• Schools are open – with children in class for 6 hrs, not 30-45 minutes, and in groups of up to 30 children, not 4-10.
• Daycares have remained open throughout, as they too are an essential service.
• Chlorine is a disinfectant. It has been stated by health authorities that COVID-19 cannot survive in correctly managed swimming pools. All registered swim schools are tested multiple times throughout the day for exacting chlorine and chemical levels.
• Our Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that social distancing applies only to staff rooms, not classrooms, saying “The advice cannot be more clear than that. The 1.5 metre in classrooms and the four-square-metre rule is not a requirement of the expert medical advice in classrooms.”
• We have everything in place to practise social distancing for adults, will not exceed the 4sq meter per person rule, and our COVID SAFE plan ready to go. All of the COVID safe policies and practises required by NSW Government and NSW Health will be in place upon reopening.
• A Learn To Swim area / lane is a much bigger area than a table in a restaurant, where 10 adults can be seated to dine under current restrictions.
• Adult gyms are reopening on June 13th with class sizes of 10.
• Dance schools are reopening on June 13th with class sizes of 10.
• We too need time to plan, and to touch base with all of our customers to make your child’s transition back into lessons as smooth as possible in a way that is right for your family – we cannot simply reopen our doors and go.