FREE water safety, emergency first aid training and CPR for parents

We are excited to be offering FREE water safety, emergency first aid and CPR training for parents at 4pm on Tuesday 26th March at Nepean Aquatic Centre. Open to all EB and NAC customers and their family and friends. Children welcome. Learn how to keep your child safe by a Licensed Parentmedic Educator in a free 30 minute session. Numbers are limited – email with your name and contact number to secure your FREE spot.
SAFER water safety week is running from 25 – 31st March, a joint initiative between the Australian Swim Schools Association and The Parentmedic Movement. Parentmedic is a social enterprise with a vision is for every child in the world to be cared for by someone who has the confidence and the knowledge to keep them safe and supported. Parentmedic educators are made up of highly trained doctors, nurses, health workers and individuals who are passionate about empowering parents and who have undertaken our specialised training program.
The purpose of this community session is to improve child safety in and around water at home and in their community. This community session will embrace the philosophy of Towards a NO DROWN TOWN and SAFER swimming message. The session is part of ‘E” Emergency plan and ‘R’ Reducing risk – part of the SAFER message. The aim of the SAFER water safety week is to support the ‘Towards a NO DROWN TOWN’ philosophy through water safety education and emergency first aid and CPR techniques.
Come along and join us for this important information session!